Indigenous culture is an important part of U.P. Baguio identity at both the academic and the community level and finds its recognition, maintenance and development as very significant.

The Program for Indigenous Cultures (P.I.C) represents itself as an avenue for activities that promote indigenous cultural vibrance and awareness.



To take the lead in discussion and promotion of IP issues and concerns within UP Baguio and the larger community;

To coordinate projects and activities on IPs in relation to  instruction, student-led researches and extension;  and

To enhance the institutional capacity of UPB to sustain its initiatives on IP concerns


Indigenous Peoples’ Studies (integration in the curriculum, student-led researches, extension)

Learning and Resource Center (educational space for all; community life for IP students; space for interaction for IP and   non-IP in the university)

Capacity and Awareness Building

Living Traditions (cultural component)

Special Project

The Tangguyob*



A Tangguyob is an instrument made from carabao horn used to summon people for a tribal   meeting or affair. The Tangguyob is also the name of the PIC’s monthly newsletter. Consisting of articles written by the PIC staff who also represent various       colleges in the University, the Tangguyob provides Indigenous information on a multidisciplinary level. The newsletter also provides an opportunity and encourages all interested faculty, students and university employees to submit their articles, essays, and studies written on indigenous knowledge systems and practices. 

P.I.C. Brochure