LOOK: COVID-19 AVERAGE DAILY ATTACK RATE (ADAR) for December 11-December 24, 2022.

This map shows the high-risk barangays in Baguio City, covering a fourteen-day period from December 11-December 24, 2022.
For the past 1-2 weeks, the entire city has been classified as medium-risk. This means that 1-7 individuals per 100,000 are infected in the said period.
The ADAR is the proportion of a population that contracts the disease during a specified time. It is used to assess the risk of infection in an area.
SOURCE (Maps and Data): R.C. Addawe, J.T. Viernes, C.P. Libatique, J.D. Marigmen, A.J. Pajimola, and J.S. Punzalan. (24 December 2022). Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA): Daily Updates